Instructional DVDs Vol1, Vol2 and Vol3

These exceptional instructional tools were shot in offering clips of performances. From start to finish these DVDs exemplifies the traditional way in which the djembe was intended to be used.

Also check out the latest CD "Hamanah Doundounba". Traditional Doundounba Rhythms with new arrangements!

Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3


New CD "Hamanah Doundounba"

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Showcased in Volume1 is Bangourake’s exceptionally clear teaching style. Especially notable is the way in which he breaks down the proper technique for playing a clean bass, tone and slap. He then goes on to explain the rhythms in a way in which any player can grasp, originally playing them at a slow pace and repeatedly marking the time so that each accompanying part can be easily distinguished. Beginners will appreciate learning commonly played rhythms such as Moribayassa, Sinte’, Tiriba and Guinee Fare’ while advanced players will be able to dig deeper into lesser know gems such as Donsou, Sillamallon and Liberte’.

Volume 2 takes a step further with more advanced rhythms and unknown gems like Wanai and Mane.
Other rhythms such as Wassolon Soli, Kassa Dibon, Konon, Foli and Macrou Rumba are shown as well
with new arrangements as how they are currently played in Guinea.
There is also a solo bit by Bangourake in which he explains how to build up your solo and what components you can use. There is also a wonderful (night vision) excerpt of a performance on the island of Roume by Bangourake and friends.

Volume 3 is another progression again! With a few dounounba rhythms and a nice performance under a tree in Guinea.
There is also a solo bit by Bangourake in which he explains how to build up your solo and what components you can use.
Not for the faint hearted!

The Rhythms on DVD vol1 are:

1. Liberté (Rhythm to celebrate the Independence)
2. Tiriba (Boké and Boffa region from Guineé)
3. Sinté (Sousou)
4. Donsou (Faranah region - Malinke)
5. Sillamallon (Sousou)
6. Moribayassa (Malinke)
7. Guineé Faré (Women dance - Sousou)

The Rhythms on DVD vol2 are:

1. Wassolon Soli (Malinke)
2. Foli (Malinke)
3. Wanai (Foret from Masanta region)
4. Mane (Susu)
5. Macrou Rumba (Susu)
6. Konon (Malinke)
7. Kassa Dibon (Malinke)


The Rhythms on DVD vol3 are:

1. Foula Fare (Fulani)
2. Kulanyan (Malinke)
3. Soutémonebo (Malinke)
4. Yoki (Susu)
5. Susu Soli (Susu)
6. Lassidon (Malinke)
7. Kankanfoli (Malinke)

The artists are:

Mohamed Bangoura “Bangouraké” - Leader Djembé
Sibo Bangoura - Djembé
Momae Bangoura - Djembé
Pepe Kondé - Dundunba
Ibrahima Sory Sylla - Kenkeni
Sekou Camara - Sangban

The Rhythms and songs on Hamanah Doundounba are

1. Denco
2. Kurrusi Koroba Doundoun
3. Kankanfoli
4. Kunjang
5. Tako Sabang Filanang
6. Mariama
7. Hamanah Doundounba
8. Kono